Bed bugs Versus Lice

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Bed Bugs Versus Lice 

As they’re both little parasitic bugs that feed on human blood, lice and bed bug invasions can appear to be comparative. In any case, these bugs require distinctive techniques for control. It’s vital to know whether the nuisance issue is caused by lice or bed bugs before thinking of an arrangement of activity. Let’s dig more what bed bugs and lice separately are and then we will know Bed bugs VS Lice or Bed bugs vs Lice.

What are Bed bugs?
a bed bug in bed bug vs lice

Bedbugs scientifically known as Cimex lectularius, are small, reddish-brown insects with flat, oval-shaped bodies and six legs. A fully grown up adult bug is one-fourth of an inch. Bed bugs have flat, oval bodies, lice are oblong. They have been found in the tombs of ancient Egyptians from 3,500 years ago.

What Are Lice?
lice in bed bug vs lice

Lice scientifically known as Pediculus humanus spp., are tiny, six-legged insects that range from white to shades of brown or darker-grays. A fully grown up Lice is around one-eighth of an inch. Lice generally need blood every day or so to survive. These pests stay on their human host, causing itchiness and skin irritation shortly after they feed.


Bed bug Vs Lice

Size: As you read above, Bed bugs tend to be bigger than the Lice. Bed bugs measure one-fourth of an inch whereas a Lice size is around one-eighth of an inch.

Color: Bed bugs are generally reddish-brown or mahogany in color Whereas Lice are light whitish or greenish in color.

Shape: Bed bugs are six-legged and are flat in shape with an oval body Whereas a Lice also has 6 legs but are oblong in shape.

Location: The most widely recognized kind of home overrunning lice, the head lice, lives on the human scalp. Individuals regularly ponder, can kissing bugs live in hair, as well? Despite the fact that the nuisances nibble anyplace on the body, occupants are more averse to discover kissing bugs in hair.

Rather, a Bed bug retreats to a concealing spot, similar to the crease of a sleeping cushion, after it takes a blood feast, while head lice stay on their host except if unstuck by scratching the scalp or when expelled by haircutting or trimming the scalp territory.

Damages: The major difference between a bed bug and lice is how they effectively affect the people. Lice generally need blood every day to survive. They prefer to nest on human scalps, causing itchiness and skin irritation as the primary symptoms of lice. On clearly examining through human eyes, one can clearly see adult lice but also the small, light-colored eggs stuck to strands of hair.


On the other side, Bed bugs usually feed for a few days before any sign of skin rash appears on that affected area. Although in some cases a reddish skin may appear when you’re bitten by a bed bug. A major point where a bed bug differs from lice is, Bed bugs generally bite during the night time and their bite usually goes unnoticed.

Removal: Well, As we read through the lines, There is hardly any difference between the two. (Bed bugs vs Lice). Their treatment varies a bit, Lice can be treated by shampoo whereas Bed bugs infestation needs a proper pest control in your home.

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