Bed bugs found in Hotel Room

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Are Bed Bugs Found In Hotel Room?

I believe you guessed it right. Bed bugs do exist in 5-star hotels too. Bed bugs don’t just hang out in dirty, rundown motels. Can be found in luxurious hotels. Since they are small and can hide better than humans, its quite a tough job to maintain hotels and resorts bed bugs free. Bed Bugs Found In Hotel Room? Hotels do need time to time Extermination to avoid them.
bed bugs found in the hotel room


Well, hotels are almost the same as our homes. Bed bugs can be found in similar places where its found in our homes, if infested. And you got it right, Their symptoms might be same as well.

Bedbugs are becoming more common in hotels as well as in a person’s home. The thing about bedbugs is that they will be more common in your lower end hotels than your higher end hotels but they can still end up in any hotel due to the ease that it is to carry bedbugs from one place to another. The best practice is to exam the mattress the moment you check in and if there are bedbugs in the corners of the mattress leave immediately and request a different room then repeat the process. If the second room has bedbugs also then it is time to find a different hotel. Make sure to let the front desk know exactly why you are wanting a new room or leaving. If the hotel says that you still have to pay for the one night (depending on your check-in time) call/email the General Manager directly and if they will not reverse the charge then have your credit card company fight the charge and make a formal complaint with the owner (each hotel is individually owned and operated) as well as the brand name.
Source – Quora
bed bugs found in the hotel room

Hotel Bed bugs Compensation

Yes, you heard it right. You legally have all the right to ask for the compensation if your hotel room is infested by the bed bugs. Around 40 States in America are infested. Bed Bugs Found In Hotel Room Act? yes.

Compensation claims for bed bug infestation can be filed under the Occupiers’ Liability Act 1957, which requires hotels and hostels to take reasonable care to ensure that customers using their rooms and facilities are not injured; this includes a requirement of the hotel or hostel to take reasonable steps to prevent customers from being bitten by bed bugs.

As with many pieces of legislation that relates to liability claims, the Occupiers’ Liability Act 1957 instills a duty of care into hotels and hostels for their visitors. Section 2 of the Act explains that:

“The common duty of care is a duty to take such care as in all the circumstances of the case is reasonable to see that the visitor will be reasonably safe in using the premises for the purposes for which he is invited or permitted by the occupier to be there.”

Are bed bugs found in public transport?

No, Bed bugs don’t really infest in public transports. If you encountered any bed bug lookalike in public transport, it might not be just a bug. You can read my article where I have written about Bugs That Look Like Bed Bugs. 

Are Bed bugs in the Bathroom?
bed bugs found in bathroom

Yes, Bedbugs infest in the bathroom, because of high moisture levels. some pests you’d find in your bathtub such as silverfish usually come up the drains and then simply aren’t equipped to climb out. Can bed bugs be in bathroom?  They stay when they find a food source such as toothpaste for cockroaches for example.

To prevent bugs from coming into your bathroom, you have to create the least ideal environment for their survival. Remove the elements that draw bugs in, and you will be much more likely to keep them out. Try out the following tips:

  • Reduce Moisture– Moisture is one of the main draws into any area where they live. Use a dehumidifier or air ceiling vents during and after showering.
  • Fix Drain & Plumbing Issues- If you are experiencing insect activity in your bathroom, it’s possible that there is an underlying plumbing issue that needs to be resolved. Call your local professional for an assessment.
  • Clean Regularly- Once insects find their way into your bathroom, easy access to food will make them stay. Be diligent in cleaning your bathroom on a regular basis.
  • Seal Openings- Seal cracks and crevices that you find around the walls and window frames. Fix torn window screening.
  • Be Aware- Pests can come into your bathroom from other rooms in your home. Take note of additional entry points or moist areas that need attention.

Source – Quora

Can bed bugs be in bathroom? Yes.
Are bed bugs in the bathroom? Yes.
Well, I believe now you will be able to defend yourself with the bed bugs whenever you visit Hotel or a bathroom.