Home Remedies For Bedbugs

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Home Remedies For Bedbugs

How to Avoid Bedbugs Naturally

Imagine toiling for the better half of the day only to come home to a bed infested by bloodsucking creatures ready to devour the peace out of you. Bed bugs are a nasty problem to have as these rogue pests could creep almost inside anything from furniture to mattresses. For people who are not familiar with effective ways of getting rid of bed bugs, sleeping on the floor might seem better at times. Fortunately, there are sustainable home remedies that can eliminate the issue once and for all. How to treat Bedbugs Naturally?

We all think that bedbugs are not that serious of an issue but this can be fatal, I have posted more articles about How Bedbugs can be serious or How bedbugs can be harmful to you especially for kids.

These bedbugs home remedies are beneficial and working for the cause, Just try them and comment down if it worked for you or not. I have also written about Scar and Bite Treatment

How do you know your bed is infested with bed bugs?

Are you regularly coming home to sleepless nights and strange marks on your body? You can identify a bed bug infestation if your sheets have blood smears or strange black feces all over the mattress. To run a positive check on a bug infestation make sure to turn your mattress and check its seams, the pillowcases, the headboard and the insides of your pillows. A fully mature bed bug is about the size of a pumpkin seed.


Why fumigation and foggers are a poor choice?


fumigation and foggers to avoid bedbugs

While there are potential home remedies that can bid those bugs a final goodbye. Many people invest in remedies that are either unaffordable or not as effective. An exterminator will recommend using fumigation for your entire house. Unfortunately, the process incorporated here fails to draw out or eradicate the bugs completely, as these nasty pests might be hiding in unfathomable areas of your home.

Apart from evading a fumigation, the bugs have naturally evolved in the years to become more resistant to chemical pesticides. What good would it do to run an extremely expensive fumigation process only to discover the bugs are feasting on the nooks and corners all the same?
Foggers are even more ineffective, as the aerosol sprays are not made for creeping inside the nooks and corners. Moreover, the chemicals that come inside these bottles are hazardous for your indoor atmosphere and could seriously harm your family over prolonged usage. Foggers require a lot of precaution, a price no one is willing to pay to eradicate maybe 25% of the bugs.

Effective home remedies you should Try Next :- 

If bed bugs have been your roommate ever since you can remember, you must know that these creatures are unable to withstand extreme hot or cold temperatures. People who believe that mites are only found in countries with a tropical climate are living a myth. As long as your climate does not dictate the harshest of weather conditions, chances are bed bugs will infest your house. Thinking of natural home remedies, experts suggest that hot wash, steam cleaning or drying on high heat has a huge potential of eradicating the mites for a good period. However, if you need to address the problem on a larger level, there are DIY insecticide recipes and essential oils that can reach the root of the issue.

  • Steam Cleaning

One of the most popular methods of eradicating bed bugs is high temperatures. Since some areas or furniture cannot be dipped into high temperatures, steam cleaning is considered the next best option. Steam cleaning addresses the root of your bug problem and kills every one of their kind with its high temperatures, from the eggs to the matured ones. Research suggests that mites have a withstanding power of up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Moreover, the steam penetrates into the fabric of the mattress and cushions. It reaches the darkest and the narrowest crevices in your house for a perpetual extermination of the bugs.

Steam cleaners are popular in the market today; hence, you can either buy or rent one. The strong vapor flow system comes with different attachments to have a more customized control over the areas you want to reach. Rather than investing in a traditional wet steam buy a dry steam, as the latter would not damage fabrics, mattresses, and floorboards.

  • Vacuum Cleaning
Vacuum Cleaniing for bedbugs, avoiding bedbugs

Possibly the most inexpensive way of getting rid of your bugs. The vacuum cleaner is a ubiquitous household device and takes up minimum time in cleaning up. Hence, a simple sucking up of the mites may be one of the easiest solutions you can find. Moreover, vacuum devices that come in a variety of sizes so that you can vacuum up the crevices, cracks, corners, and holes with minimum hassle.

Bugs are nasty and their eggs are stubborn little balls that protest loosening up. Prior to vacuuming, you can loosen those bits with a harsh bristle and clean up your mattress with the vacuum cleaner. Make sure to turn the mattress over and clean everything from the seams to the back. Even exterminators deploy vacuum cleaning, as it is clearly one of the most convenient methods of complete bug eradication. After cleaning, however, make sure to insert everything into a garbage bag and dispose of it safely.

  • Mattress and pillow encasement

Home remedies come with some of the most practical ways of addressing a mite infestation. Another hassle free method of keeping the bugs off your bedding is encasing your pillows and mattresses. Encasement tightly covers your bedding material so that bugs can neither enter nor escape the encasement. If the bugs are trapped inside, they will naturally die within a year. To ensure further bugs do not creep up, you can even set up bug traps under your beds.

  • Tea tree oil

Tea tree has natural insecticidal properties that work wonders for eradicating bed bugs for good. You can make a tea tree oil concoction at home to kill the mites hanging out in the crevices, cracks, and corners. Simply add 20 drops of tea tree oil in a spray bottle with water. Shake the solution well and proceed to use it for several days. Research states that apart from acting as an excellent insect repellant, tea tree oil when tweaked with other potent natural remedies can be used as an unparalleled insecticide.

Before each application, shake the solution well and be generous with the spray. Apart from acting as a natural insect repellant tea tree oil works wonders as a room freshener too. It can calm your nerves while killing your mites sneakily (how versatile).

  • Diatomaceous earth

One of the most used home remedies, diatomaceous earth powder is the experts’ top choice in bug extermination. The powder acts by dehydrating the mites as it damages their outer protective membrane. Only diatomaceous earth powder acts so brutally by annihilating each bug. Since it comes in the form of powder, it can invade into the narrowest crevices and kill the mites gradually.

Since it is 100% free from any chemical substances, you can use the powder profusely in and around your home. Although the powder takes a gradual amount of time to kill the bugs, the advantage that comes with it is undeniable. When a bug carries the powder it gradually starts distributing or spreading it to its neighbors. Therefore, as all the bugs eventually get infected, their membrane start dying off and are killed agonizingly.

Begin by dusting the earth powder generously over the house. You need to repeat the process for 3 days in a week for 2 weeks. If you use the diatomaceous powder smartly around and over every area of your house, it will take a good 40 days for 80% eradication of the mites. The food grade diatomaceous powder is the safest version available in the market that exterminates all your bugs and fleas without harming your household.

  • Lavender oil

You have heard about lavender’s usage for its calming and soothing properties. Lavender is one of the most versatile plants that can be used to treat anxiety and depressive symptoms as well as your bed bug infestation. The oil is extremely toxic for the small creatures, yet has stunning remedial properties for your household. Moreover, its refreshing smell is hard to not be fond of.

Much like the legendary tea tree oil, lavender oil, when combined with peppermint oil, treats insect or bug infestation almost magically. Mix 15 drops of lavender oil with 15 drops of peppermint oil in a spray bottle filled with water. Shake the solution well and apply profusely over the targetted areas. The solution kills everything from the eggs to the larvae. A continuous usage will make sure that the bugs are exterminated for good.


How to prevent bed bug Infestation?

Now that you have learned how to eradicate the mites for good, let us take a look at how you can prohibit further bug infestation:

  • You can pick up bugs from unsanitary hotel rooms, too. Hence, prior to contaminating you and your luggage, check the mattress, seams and pillowcases for mites.
  • A portable heating chamber is perfect for eradicating the initial signs of a bed bug infestation.
  • Keep your rooms and storerooms organized. Unnecessary clutter creates cracks, crevices and hiding places that can encourage a hangout place for the mites.
  • When sharing laundry facilities, transport your fabrics in disinfectant plastic bags.


Bedbugs are becoming a serious issue in houses, You can detect bedbugs yourself before calling the professionals.


One should focus to avoid bedbugs naturally as they can be hazardous for children and pets. See how insideedition.com.