Can Bed Bug Bites Make You Sick?

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can bedbugs make you sick

How Can Bedbugs Make You Sick?

Bed bug infestation is probably the most annoying thing that can happen to anyone. Although science claims that bed bugs do not spread diseases, they may cause itchiness, redness, and extreme discomfort. The central question, therefore is How can bed bug bites make you sick?  The answer to this question would depend upon how one defines sickness. Bed bugs can cause one to lose sleep, be uncomfortable, and face stigma.

In some cases, serious health problems may also ensue, and in the most severe cases, death may follow. This article focuses on the health problems caused by bed bug bites. Bugs are very common insects which enter our houses in different seasons. Generally, bed bug bites are not a big health concern. But, some people can be very allergic to these bugs and may need instant medical care. So, know here more how they can affect your health, what could be first aid and the later prognosis.

What effects can bedbugs give to our health?
how can bedbugs make you sick

How Do Bedbugs Affect Your Health?

Bed bugs are not considered a public health hazard. They feed on unhygienic habits, dirty bed sheets, unclean crevices and more. Anyone can face such bed bug infestations. But, you might have found these bites could be self-healing and not much danger. Do you ever wonder! How Can Bed Bug Bites Make You Sick? Yes, if not much, they can cause a great damage to your health. They can give you fevers, rashes, painful swelling and more in a single bite.

Bed bugs not only create the problem for health but also, they carry pathogens which are a further threat to human lives. Here are three types of bed bugs that are harmful.

1. Live on Human Blood
Bed bugs feed on human blood. They creep and crawl at nights and reaches your bed to suck the blood. Doing so, they transfer their venom into your blood. Many people can be very allergic to these small parasites.

2.Carry viruses and bacteria
Bed bugs are also notorious carriers of viruses, bacteria, protozoa, parasitic and worms.

3.Multiply Rapidly
Bed bugs have very small life-span. They also reproduce rapidly. So, they multiply many folds in small time.
How to recognize Bed Bugs Bites?
 The appearance of red swollen areas on the bitten part of the body
 Increased swelling near the surrounding area, mostly from excessive scratching.
 Burning sensation, rashes and bumps
 Fever, pain and further allergic reactions
 Finding eggs of insects or insects in any part of the house is a clear sign of bed bug bites.


How to know you are allergic to bed bug bites?

Medical researches have shown that some people with compromised immunity are more prone to allergic reactions from bed bug bites. Now, the question is how can you identify if you are allergic to the bites?
Allergic reactions appear more severe than normal. Some people with good immunity even don’t have any symptoms of bed bug bites after being bitten up. But, in allergic people signs like enlarged bite area, painful swelling, high stress, and fever is common.

Therefore, Now we can answer the question <b>How Can Bedbugs Make You Sick?</b>


Emergency Care.

When you clearly feel that your wound is not healing itself, you should immediately visit the doctor. In lack of proper medication bed, bug bites can be dangerous. Doctors advice can ensure faster recovery. When you see signs like fever, cold, headache, enlarged swelling and rashes, immediately consult a doctor.


How to Prevent Bed Bugs?

 It is the popular adage that prevention is better than cure. So, it is practical to avoid bed bugs occurrence. Here is a list of things that you should do for preventing bed bugs enter into your house.
 Keep the premises clean as bed bugs are parasites and feed on dirt and filth.
 Use mosquito nets for protection. It is natural and safe.
 Check your house for old, worn-out materials and waterlogging. It may provide a ground for the breeding of bugs.
 Bed bugs infestations can break out quickly. So, if you see a significant increase in bites over a period of time you must check for infestation in your home.
 Spray the pesticides that kill the bed bugs or fumigate the house.
 You can also consider consulting specialists who deal in such infestations.


Risks of Bed Bugs.

 Allergic reactions to the bed bugs
 An infection caused by excessive scratching
 Insomnia, stress, and depression due to sleep deprivation.

In people, the immune system releases histamines to protect the body. These chemicals help other immune system chemicals to repair damaged cells or fight off germs.

But histamines shed by bedbugs can cause rashes and trigger respiratory problems in humans, researchers from North Carolina State University found.

The findings were published online in the journal PLoS ONE.

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